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Global Insulator Group Contributes to the Modernization of the Engineers Trainings

The testing center of Global Insulator Group intends to contribute to the modernization of the system of engineers trainings to solve the problems of energy specialists to fight against pollution on energy objects. Discussion about the draft co-operation of the Ural Institute of Energy and testing center of industrial enterprise have passed during the visiting session of Energy Committee SOSPP in the institute "Ural AnIn UrFU".

Partial financing of the educational program in the reform of the institutions are promised, but much will be the responsibility of the university itself — depending on the category in which it will be defined. Therefore now the institutions are interested in what they can give to the science and production, and for this purpose future engineers need the necessary material and technical base.

But according to the words of teaching staff, there are not enough areas, where many kinds of technical product testing are concentrated. This announced the Federal testing center, which is ready to take into their «contour» the laboratory of institutes, universities and industrial enterprises.

About the aims of the Ural Institute of Energy taking into account the requests of fuel and energy complex reported Sergei Sarapulov, director of the institute "Ural AnIn Urfu", Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Meanwhile, the testing center, which is located on the territory of JSC "YuAIZ" ("Global Insulator Group"), is able to produce the kinds of tests, which cannot produce other enterprises. It can be the subject for cooperation and joint scientific researches in the energy sector, this was discussed during the exchange of views at the meeting of the Energy Committee of SOSPP.

"We have production; all of these competencies — ours — commented Denis Tasakov, president of " Global Insulator Group ". — As part of our recent agreement with MRSK Ural about technical cooperation this is very timely; the Institute is aware of the work that we must do with IDGC of Urals in relation to the problem of pollution insulation on power lines; cooperation with research institutes, universities will continue this line. " Recall, signing the Agreement took place on the exhibition "INNOPROM 2016" in Yekaterinburg in July 2016.

For reference:
Testing center of JSC "YuAIZ" ( "Global Insulator Group"): performs acceptance tests — control testing of products, which resulted in a decision on the conformity to its customers' requirements. The center carries out full control (100% control of each unit of production), selective control (control, in which the decision is made based on the results of the selection); input control of raw materials and components.

Besides the daily acceptance tests, in the center carried out tests in the presence of the customer. For foreign customers center provides all kinds of tests to meet the standard requirements of ANSI, IEC, ISO.

Testing Centre is certified in accordance with ISO/ IEC 17025 and has Accreditation Certificate (ROSS RU.001.22ME66) in compliance with Russian and International standards requirements.
In the laboratory are artificially simulated certain natural phenomena, or situations, insulators are lowered into the container with oil, water, they are kept in thermal camera and are subjected to voltage, etc. The centre mastered the tests by impulse voltage with steep front, with thunderstorm, tests on hindrance.

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