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Global Insulator Group expands contacts with India

The representatives of the leading company in India for the production of equipment and components for power transmission lines IAC Electricals and enterprise for the production of RTV coating CSL Silicones have visited Global Insulator Group in mid-September.

During the visit, the delegation has visited Yuzhnouralsky Insulators and Fittings Plant ( "Global Insulator Group" ), where got acquainted with the manufactured products, the technological stages of insulators production and testing center. The managers were more interested in assembly production, which is the final stage of products manufacture. At this stage the cycle of manufacture is being completed and terms of output of products on the previous stages are being determined. Any new products pass through assembly shop.  The shop has a significant impact on the rhythm of the entire enterprise.

The assembly production, as the plant on the whole, is orientated on the needs of foreign customers. One of the requirements of foreign customers – the control of time of using mortar of cement - sandy compound, which strictly regulated. For these purposes in 2006 in the assembly production was opened a laboratory for physical and mechanical tests to monitor the cement – sandy compound and bituminous mortar.

"We pay great attention to the development and application of new technologies and products demanded by the consumer. The representatives of Indian companies greatly appreciated the opportunities of our company and noted the trends of cooperation in the sphere of innovations ", - said Vice-President for development Alexander Starukhin.

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