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Glass and composite insulators of Global insulator Group are in demand in South Africa

The customers in South Africa appreciate the quality and the reliability of the products of Global Insulator Group, which are effective during operation in difficult environmental conditions, and they are ready to develop cooperation.

So, HV glass suspension insulators with the insulating part of aerodynamic profile of U120AD are able to self-cleaning from dry dust deposits. Post insulators for outdoor installation

CSP — 12, 5/10 and line suspension insulators LS-70/24 eliminate all probable puncture causes during operation. As a result, there is no need to use the expensive and unreliable puncture tracing during operation of the equipment.

In the production of composite insulators are used silicone materials of the latest generation, which have high hydrophobicity and tracking resistance, that greatly improve the electrical and operational characteristics of the products. Also composite insulators are produced by using two technologies simultaneously: LSR (Liquid silicone rubber casting technology), HTV (High temperature vulcanizated technology, injection molding of rubber with high viscosity under high pressure). Another advantage of composite insulators is that in the production of two-component silicone rubber (LSR technology), the devices of mixing and dosages are equipped with a vacuum system (Bubble Free). This completely eliminates the possibility of getting air bubbles in the rubber compound.

Global Insulator Group began to cooperate with South Africa in 2007. Over these years the company supplied equipment to a number of large objects, including overhead lines for voltage of 765 kV Gamma — Capa", for voltage of 400 kV Medupi-Spitskop", "Ferrum-Mookodi", "Mercury — Mookodi" and other objects. Today the interest of the company Global Insulator Groups in South Africa presents the company Afritek, which supplies all kinds of the holding's products in the region.

Global Insulator Group took part in the 16th annual exhibition "Utility Week and Clean Power" in South Africa. At the joint stand AFRITEK-GIG-ATJ was presented series of glass and composite insulators, which are effective during operation in difficult environmental conditions of South Africa.
"The participation in the exhibition showed that the products of Global Insulator Groups are in demand in South Africa. We are ready to develop cooperation with companies. We have enough resources to win their significant share of the market of high voltage insulators in South Africa. We held many meetings with potential customers, made some interesting proposals", — told about the results of the exhibition the Vice-President for development Alexander Starukhin.

Reference: 16th annual exhibition "Utility Week and Clean Power" was held in Cape Town, South Africa in mid-May. This year 250 companies from 40 countries presented their products. The exhibition was dedicated to the output of clean energy, energy efficiency, alternative and renewable energy.

Global Insulator Group



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